Andi Gut is known for his works in nylon, that, while an inorganic material, must be carved, coloured and handled like an organic material to render the biomorphic forms he wants to achieve. As in the animal world, where camouflage is effective through its deception of the enemy, Andi Gut's pieces initially confuse viewers and deceive those trying to read them. In a similar way they are reminiscent of a modern microphone worn directly attached to one's collar, a roll of thin cable or an anti-theft device attached to one's jacket pocket.


Gut manipulates this synthetic material to re-present such familiar, alluring and yet abstract forms, such that they take on the appearance of an organic form – is it the flotsam of the beach, an enlarged microorganism, or a trembling vine? His combination of nylon and precious metal lends them an otherworldly appearance, almost like alien fibers, peeping from the reverse of a jacket, and making them the perfect complement for a classic suit.


These mimeses are a clever seduction of one's gaze into the wide world of associations and, once again, Andi Gut has cleverly expanded the current definition of jewellery.


Born, educated and trained as a goldsmith in Zug, Switzerland, Andi Gut has been an influential jewellery educator and exhibitor across Europe for over twenty years. His whimsical, fantastic and yet technical jewellery artworks have instructed and influenced generations of jewellers and object makers. The recipient of numerous and repeat awards, Gut has exhibited in dozens of solo and collaborative shows and his works are included in museum and private collections internationally.