About Andi Gut's current work: Electrosmog

In centuries past humans had a more intense relationship with jewellery strongly believing in it's supernatural powers. Nowadays, however, whilst the majority of people regard jewellery merely as adornments there remains a small contingent who continue to be fascinated by the strong influence it can have on mankind.
Jewellery does transmit an energy which causes different reactions in people - some even suffer sleepless nights yet others feel little or no disturbances. This energy is comparable to the controversial contemporary phenomenon of Electrosmog (unwanted rays from electrical devices) which can have an overwhelming effect on some humans.
The emissions of this mysterious energy manifest themselves in this Electrosmog body of work as contoured engravings. Yet without further scientific research it would be premature to declare these findings to a broader audience outside the jewellery fraternity.
By comparing the energy of jewellery to Electrosmog it is hoped that the compelling power of jewellery can be re-established and become as strong as it was in pre-electric times.