Adrian Schiess, Bernhard Schobinger, Annelies Štrba : Kunsthaus Zug, CH

The Gift of the Graber Collections


From September 19, 2015

To November 15, 2015


Once you’re on the road you often meet like-minded travellers. The same applies to the Kunsthaus Zug holdings, and just such a happy encounter of affinities took place with regard to the collections of Sonja Graber and Christian Graber. Usually, for example, a rigorous distinction is made between the visual and the applied arts. In our collection, which encompasses the Viennese workshops, no such line is drawn. What is more, we have already devoted exhibitions to Annelies Štrba and Bernhard Schobinger, both of whom are represented in our collection.

Sonja Graber and Christian Graber are long-time friends, neighbours and collectors of the photographer Annelies Štrba, the jewellery and object artist Bernhard Schobinger and the painter Adrian Schiess. Their paths cross in Richterswil. Far removed from considerations of prestige and/or profit-making, but on the basis of artistic and personal appreciation instead, the Grabers amassed one of the most extensive collections of the works of these three artists – all of whom today enjoy international recognition – with examples from all phases of their careers. Incidentally, Štrba was born in the city of Zug, spent her early childhood in Baar, and later returned to Zug for training as a photographer.

Schobinger, Schiess and Štrba, who have cultivated close artistic contacts to one another for decades, will together plan this important exhibition of their works from the collection.

And finally, for the first time since 1999, we will once again present Replace the Abstract Picture Plane IV in the south wing in exactly the manner in which it was shown by Richard Tuttle. The forty-part painterly work is a magnum opus by the American artist whose concern is with calm and concentration – and who is presently celebrating major successes in the art world.


Curated by Matthias Haldemann and Marco Obrist

September 1, 2015