Clarke, Clerkin and Kaur: The Thing With Maltasingh

9-30 September 2016


Come to Maltasingh's Indian Kitchen at Gallery S O on the 23, 24, 25 of September!


Friday 23rd September: Chickpea dinner from 6 pm

Saturday 24th September: Pastizzi from 1 pm

Sunday 25th September: Dhal lunch from 1 pm


You're welcome to join us throughout September during the gallery's opening times to see the furniture and fittings of Maltasingh's kitchen being constructed live.


The pieces made as part of the project will be sold at an AUCTION ON SUNDAY 25TH OF SEPTEMBER FROM 4 PM!

For a list of all the pieces click here



The material for this refit is kindly supplied by SCP.



Participating Designers:


Neil Austin, Joe Buttigieg, Danny Clarke, Carl Clerkin, Fiona Davidson, Jochem Fraudet, Max Frommeld, Jon Harrison, Alex Hellum, Sam Johnson, Jasleen Kaur, Lucy Kurrein, Benny Magennis, Alric Marchand Michael Marriott, Gareth Neal, Will Smith, Hans Stofer, William Warren





If you believed everything you read about Maltasingh, you would have to believe that he lived for one hundred and ninety three years and that he had the extraordinary ability to be in more than one place at any one time….


What we know about Maltasingh as a matter of fact is that he was the proprietor of Brick Lane's first ever Curry House, Maltasingh's Indian Kitchen. It was built by Maltasingh and his friends from the surrounding furniture factories using reject and found components. The kitchen was located in what was once the disused warehouse of a string and twine shop, now a contemporary jewellery gallery and project space, Gallery S O.


For this years London Design Festival, Danny Clarke, Carl Clerkin and Jasleen Kaur have invited some of London’s leading designers and makers to help recreate this establishment of rich historic and cultural importance.


To read more about Maltasingh click here





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September 9, 2016