Bernhard Schobinger: Jewellery. materials craft art

Landesmuseum Zürich

19.05.2017 – 22.10.2017



Whether as a ritual, ornament, decoration, memento or status symbol, people have always made jewellery. Depending on the era, fashion or function, we have used all sorts, ranging from natural materials, gemstones and precious metals through to plastics. The “Jewellery. materials craft art” exhibition at the National Museum Zurich is based on the Swiss National Museum’s extensive collection supplemented with exhibits from the Museum of Art and History in Geneva, the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (mudac) in Lausanne and the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, among others. This exhibition highlights aspects of jewellery manufacture and presents jewellery in its context of love, rebellion or tradition. A separate room is dedicated to jewellery of the 20th century, from Lalique to Max Bill and right through to contemporary jewellery artists like Bernhard Schobinger and Johanna Dahm.



April 6, 2017