Lisa Walker: I want to go to my bedroom but I can't be bothered

Museum of New Zealand / Te Papa Tongarewa

I want to go to my bedroom but I can't be bothered charts the 30-year evolution of world-renowned New Zealand jeweller Lisa Walker.


From the 1980s to now, Walker has challenged convention - 'Just because it's jewellery doesn't mean we have to clam up and be well-behaved.' 

An extraordinary range of Lisa Walker's works will be on display - made from materials including copper, pearls, and pounamu, to found objects like lego, cell phones, and egg beaters.

"Her work is constantly surprising," says Justine Olsen, Curator of Decorative Art and Design. "Lisa Walker mines contemporary culture, fashion, art and politics. I think of her as a contemporary archaeologist - you can see the concerns of each moment in time in her work."

It's the first time the full scope of her work has been shown, from the beginning studying in Dunedin until today.


17 March - 22 July 2018

March 1, 2018