Simone ten Hompel

Dr Barbara Maas, 2008

Publisher: Galerie S O

ISBN: 978-1-899764-98-3

Dimensions: 15 x 27cm

Pages: 72

The metalworks created by silversmith Simone ten Hompel can be perceived and experienced in many different ways: visually, tactually, emotionally and intellectually. Although the artist's intention is that they are used in a functional sense this is not a priority. By definition her creations are bearers of meaning and reveal their nature on the borderline between two individuals and their entities of consciousness: the artist's and the interpreting recipient's.

Feeling our own body while encountering Simone ten Hompel's vessels.
Metal skin. Shimmering shell. Protection. Or exposure. Pregnant curves. Sensuous arcs. Intimacy. Spaces for thoughts. Entering an object like entering a mandala. Sensuous arcs. Transition.

Bodily sensations that otherwise only occur in an architectonic space. The precious silence in sacred places. Glistening brightness outside, pleasant coolness inside. An aura of the sublime. Domes. Vaults. An unconquerable stronghold with a mysterious crystal gate. Drama. Challenge.…

Text by Dr. Barbara Mass