Christian Gonzenbach


“My entire work is based around the floating notion of everyday and its extraordinary banality. By slight changes I create new situations made out of common raw material. My aim is to arouse attention by using only well known things but in uncommon ways (tanning the hides of electric appliances, building houses in corn flakes...) I am tracking the unnoticed of our everyday life… My pieces work like a developer bringing an unexpected look of our world. I am looking for the unusual angle to look at the world. And this raises the question; is there any usual one?”

Christian Gonzenbach, 2005



Christian Gonzenbach was born in 1975, in Geneva, Switzerland, where he currently lives and works. His work has been exhibited widely, internationally from Europe to Cuba and the Far East. Having gained his Bachelor of Design from HES, Switzerland and a Master of Art from University of the Arts London, he has held artist in residency in Cuba and at the International Center of Ceramics, in Shigaraki, Japan. Lecturing globally, Gonzenbach has also published a number of monographs and won several awards, a recent winner of the EEP Bellevue public art project, Chevrolet Public Monument contest and the Prize Foundation Irène Reymond.