A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art at Gallery S O

4.11.16 - 19.02.17


This exhibition includes the work of contemporary artists who embrace the human scale and surreal tradition of figurative ceramics.


The show was inspired by the domestic atmosphere of Gallery S O and by the presence of a fireplace. Fire transforms clay into ceramics and, by making its surroundings warmer, facilitates the gathering and the exchange of stories between people. Within the domestic space, intimacy allows these narratives to become a little more playful, absurd, and even sinister. The ambivalence of fire, the subtle line between coziness and danger, pervades the symbolic dimension of the domestic.


The mimetic value of ceramics - their ability to reference tools, anthropomorphic or biomorphic forms that often transcend their direct purpose - is here declined in a subversive and cartoonish way by objects that are too inept to carry on any function.


The works in the show, both melancholic and amusing, are like characters of a forgotten story whose new plot threads are entirely up to the imagination of the viewer.



The exhibition includes works by:


Phoebe Cummings (GB), Laura Ford (GB), Kiko Gianocca (CH), Christian Gonzenbach (CH), Tony Hayward (GB), Malene Hartmann Rasmussen (DK), Aneta Regeldeleu (PL), Anders Ruhwald (DK), Bernhard Schobinger (CH), Richard Slee (GB), Hans Stofer (GB), Manon van Kouswijk (NL).

October 12, 2016