Rudolf Bott completed his three years of apprenticeship as a goldsmith at the  company GA Korff in Hanau, and then worked for two years in the workshop of Hermann Kunkler, Raesfeld.  In 1978 he studied at one of Europe’s oldest goldsmith training institutions – The National Design Academy, Hanau – where he completed his masters training 1980.  He then worked for three years in the studio of Max Pollinger, Munich, before starting studies at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, under the professorship of Prof. Hermann Junger, and Prof. Erwin Sattler.  Since making his diploma in 1989 he has worked independently with the exception of the years 1997 to 1999, where he is a professor at the Hochschule Pforzheim.


Today Bott lives and works in Neuburg an der Donau.



·  1989 Design Award for the City of Munich

·  1990 Honorary Award of the Danner Foundation

·  1992 Hessian State Prize of the German Crafts

·  1992 1st prize of the 10th International Triennial Silver Hanau

·  1992 Bavarian State Award, International Handicraft Fair Munich

·  1997 Herbert Hofmann prize, International Handicraft Fair Munich

·  1999 Friedrich Becker Prize

·  2001 Bavarian State Award, International Handicraft Fair Munich

·  2005 Hanauer City Goldsmith

·  2011 Gebhard Fugel Art Award