Pe Lang : Moving Parts: Gallery S O London

2 March - 8 April 2012


GALLERY S O is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of kinetic work by Pe Lang.


Controlled and precise, Lang's elegant machines act as mesmerising revelations about the relation between moving bodies and the forces acting upon them. Working with seemingly mundane hardware such as magnets, steel spheres, motors or metal sheet, Lang orchestrates spare parts into mysterious vignettes that both intrigue and challenge our expectations of how objects will behave. From multiple rotating coils of chain, to chimeric viscous liquids - or entire walls of o-rings that appear to dance along strings - the behaviours of his machine are at once repetitive and full of character. Conversely, his 'Black Works' use highly accurate and costly technologies to produce straightforward results: water droplets that are formed in an exacting grid then slowly evaporate, for instance. Alongside his machines, in 'Moving Objects' Pe Lang will also present a site-specific installation that aurally traces the minute temporal changes of scrunched paper sheets.


Whether highly technical or simply machinic, all of Lang's works are underpinned by rigorous enquiry, using readymade objects to question our accepted understanding of limits.


Text by Rebecca Roke