Urs Lüthi : 'Art is the better life': Gallery S O London

4 March - 24 April 2011

GALLERY S O is very pleased to present the first solo exhibition of the Swiss artist Urs Lüthi in London. Within his cycle "Art is the better life" he made a special project for GALLERY S O showing recent glass sculpture, photography and graphic works.

Urs Lüthi is one of the most important representatives of European Conceptual Art; already his works from 1970 testify to an extremely complex and ambivalent way of dealing with photography and the topic of self-portraits. Lüthi's art is provoking. It always combines irony and self-irony with a controlled quest for form. Lüthi has managed to raise his autobiography, his ego, his body, and its various physiological changes to a single coherent work of art.
Independent of the technique of his works (photography, painting, sculpture, performance, multiples, and editions), he has remained faithful to that certain line along which a life becomes an aesthetic experience. The artist cultivates a very personal form of Humanism through which he takes up the grand tradition of classical antiquity, although with irony and intelligence.


PRESS - FLASH ART 278 May-June 2011