Carl Clerkin : The other way: Gallery S O London

6 - 29 September 2013

"I usually design useful objects for the home, function is always the main driver, but I like the idea of the things that we live with having character and interacting beyond the physical, I like the idea that a bucket can express an urge, or a broom can be more comfortable doing it… the other way."

Carl Clerkin, 2013


Carl Clerkin's work is geared towards strengthening connections between people, objects, places and spaces. His subject is often the ordinary. A bucket, a broom, a walking stick, a shed, a traffic cone, or details borrowed from these are often used as leavers to unlock hidden narratives within the objects he makes. The work is often understated and draws very much on the familiar or the universally accessible in order to provoke our collective memories, to encourage understanding.


Clerkin has worked as furniture designer since graduating from the RCA in 1998. His clients include The Design Council, The Department for Education, Habitat, Lloyd Loom, Worldwide Co and Peugeot. The work varies from designing home-ware and furniture to exhibition design and gallery seating, though for this exhibition he plans to show work of a slightly different nature.