“Blank is a collection of objects open to interpretation, entities straddling two states. They generate dialogue between a noble material, gold, and a bare appearance, with no finish: pieces made from industrially produced gold sheets bent into shape, assembled and welded. The objects strike a fragile balance, but are clear and sincere at the same time.”


David Steegmann


Marc Monzó studied jewellery at the Massana School in Barcelona, Spain. He has presented his work in galleries and museums in Europe, United States, Japan, where he has also given lectures and workshops. His work is represented in the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts of Barcelona, the National Gallery of Australia, the Stedelijk Museum's-Hertogenbosh and the Françoise Van Den Bosch Foundation, both in the Netherlands. Some of his jewellery appears published in books like Marc Monzó Jeweller, New Directions in Jewellery 2, Jewellery Design, Adorn, Inner Luxury or Contemporary Jewellery in Perspective. He was awarded Françoise Van Den Bosch prize in 2015.  He lives and works in Barcelona.